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board sees fit as chairman of the board director, and apple employee. as far as my successor goes i strongly recommend that we execute our secession plan and name tim cook as ceo of apple." jobs saying he feels the company's best days are ahead of us. and he went on to talk about how he would like to remain part of the company. we're looking at video of the last time we saw jobs in public, june 7. he was last seen speaking to the city council about plans for apple's future headquarters. this is a man who famously started the company. famously left the company, then even more famously came back to the company. changing the way computers are used with new products like the imac and mac book. shook up the music industry with the ipod, now having nearly 280 million of them. changed the landscape of the phone business with the iphone, now 74 million carried around in pockets and purses. apple sold millions of ipads.
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the latest addition to the apple hardware map. there, of course, the retail stores changing the way technology products are bought and sold. jobs had been on medical leave. he mentioned in the letter tim cook, the long-time apple chief operating officer, who actually ran the company when jobs took an earlier six-month leave of absence and transuccessfully. -- and ran it successfully. jobs came down with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and has been fighting medical issues ever since. we talk about how he changed the technology landscape. also changed the financial landscape in terms of investors. since the year 2000, that's one decade since jobs came back, apple stock is up a staggering 4,159%. just to put that in a little perspective, that changes lives. that changes the way lifestyles are lived here in silicon valley. we checked the stock price briefly tonight. it is down about 5% as investors digest the news that ceo steve jobs will step down from that
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post. down about $19 a share. we'll see how that plays out. again, abruptly resigning, steve jobs as ceo of apple. and i report live from a stunned apple campus. back to you in the studio. >> yeah, what do you think this is going to mean for apple in the short term and the long term? >> reporter: well, in the short term, it means that the secession plan is put into place. tim cook takes over. again, he ably ran this company. you have to remember when tim cook took over, everyone was stunned and said what would happen with apple. the stock price went up 70% during the time that tim cook was in charge. products sold faster than ever. so this is clearly a company that is already -- it has the dna built in of jobs and the creativity that he brings. so the short term, who knows. it's going to be interesting to see what investors think. look for plenty of products, a lot of people expect a new iphone to come out in the next couple of months. we have not heard from the company if that plan or rumored launch will be delayed at all. as far as the long term, i mean, look, this is a company that has
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survived ups and downs through decades. and we expect there will be more ups and downs in the decades ahead. but they are firmly planted here in silicon valley and in the technology world. and that's certainly not going to go away. >> yeah. before you go, one more question. i know this is hard to say, but what does this say about jobs' health? we know he's had these health issues, this is his third medical leave in recent years. this announcement coming today. what do you think this says it his health condition? >> reporter: well, that's speculation. and we don't want to do that. i mean, the reason that jobs has stepped down before was because of health reasons. he did not specifically say that in the letter. in fact, he said he'd like to remain and take a new position for apple which would be the chairman of the board. that's rather optimistic. but certainly the resignation itself is not. but i don't want to speculate on anything like that. apple officials not talking about any health rumors at all tonight. >> very good. very good, scott budman live at cupertino at apple's headquarters. thank you very much for your time and your insight. let's look at the tokyo big board. we talked about after-hours
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trading. the stock down about 5%, as you see now. here's the big board that we're following right now. and we're going to bring in scott mcgrew later, talk about reaction to this, what this means for silicon valley, and for the economy around the world. so of course we'll be following this throughout the newscast. >> actually, let's bring in scott now. >> sure. >> you're with us here -- >> hi, raj. >> it's amazing what we're seeing here. i told your partner in terms of scott budman, of course we knew this of coming. >> absolutely. >> steve jobs -- it's emblematic of the bay area, silicon valley. born and raised in san francisco, went to homestead high school in the south bay, started this from the garage with steve wozniak in loss altos. so much a part of our fabric and culture in the bay area, across the world, as well. >> i think even steve himself would say, yes, i am a symbol, and that it's a good time to step down from apple. yes, it did catch us all
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offguard, but what a great time. keep in mind just a couple of days ago, apple became the most powerful and -- and most valuable company in the world. it is a leader in everything it's tried to do. there are several generations of iphone out there still ahead. there are several generations of ipads still out this. he is leaving apple as ceo at a terrific time for apple. he couldn't have timed it better. i'm sure he did time. it as far as tim cook, we've seen tim on stage several times with steve talking. he's a very confident leader, has a lot of loyal followers within apple. and of course you remember steve jobs has not been going to work every day at apple as it is. as chairman of the board, not a lot changes there. this is -- this is not good news for apple by any stretch of the imagination. but -- but stay calm, it will be okay for silicon valley and northern california's absolute
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most important company. >> it's interesting you say to stay calm. steve jobs is really everything about apple. he brought up tim cook, a workaholic. in terms of steve jobs, how would you describe him? this guy's tough to work for -- demanding and very perfectist, correct? >> absolutely. i mean, that is legendary as far as how much of a perfectionist he is. look at the products he gets out of it. extraordinary products that they can sell at a premium. the average laptop coming out of apple is far more expensive than anything else. and then of course look at everything that everybody's tried to do with tablets, copying apple. he got it right the first time, and the most amazing thing about steve jobs is he seems to know what it is we want before we know we want them. like the ipad. that sort of culture, if he can -- if he's infuseded that into apple, then apple will at least in the short term, the next five, seven years, be just fine. >> right. so he is stepping down as ceo, but it sounds like he's still going play a role with apple.
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how important is that for apple's stability and success in the future? >> i think it is very important. and we don't know day to day exactly how often steve makes a phone call from his palo alto house into apple. we do know he shows up every one in a while because it causes a buzz at one infinite loop in cupertino. yes, him having some touchpoint with apple, some conference with apple as chairman of the board i think is a very nice touch. that leaves him involved in the company, at least in name and, of course, he's still an incredibly powerful man who will be able to call tim cook on the phone. and notice we presuming tim cook will be the ceo. i'd put my bottom dollar on that one. being able to call him and say, hey, i got an idea. and everybody's going to listen. >> okay, scott, i know you'll be following this all day and in the morning at 4:30 a.m. thank you very much for your time. >> you bet. >> let's find out more about tim cook, the man who will take over the apple empire.
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he joined apple in 1998 after working for ibm and compaq computer. he was then named chief operating officer seven years later. cook had stepped in to run day-to-day operations during medical leaves taken by jobs beginning in 2004 when the former ceo was recovering from cancer surgery. now before today's announcement, he was responsible for worldwide sales and operations in all markets and was also head of the mcintosh computer division. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of this major story on line and on air. we will have every breaking news detail and of course we'll be live at apple headquarters throughout this evening and tomorrow morning. so we move on now. an attempted robbery of an armored truck ends in gunfire. one suspect was killed, and an officer and security guard injured during the incident. let's bring in nbc bay area's
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kimberly terry near the shopping center where this happened. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that this area of fitzgerald drive off of i-80 just reopened maybe two minutes ago to traffic. it's been shut down all day as detectives looked into exactly what happened here earlier this morning. since the attempted robbery involved an armored vehicle, the fbi has also been called in. this morning pinault police said two armed men tried to rob a loomis armored truck outside the wells block in the 1300 block of fitzgerald. >> crazy. >> reporter: police say two separate gun battles ensued. the first was between the armored truck security guard and at least one of the suspect who took off running. the female guard was injured during the exchange. two police officers arrived to help, and that's when police say a second gunfight started. >> i witnessed a bunch of police cars flying up the freeway from
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all different areas. and i noticed someone run up into the intersection, and i heard a couple shots go off. and they didn't -- i saw the body drop. >> reporter: police say at least one of the officers exchanged fire with a second suspect, killing him. during the shooting, police say an officer was struck one in his shoulder. the officer who has been with police for two years was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >> well, he's an excellent officer. he's diligent. he's a school resource officer. he's one of those guys. he's a very large individual, but he's got a heart of gold. >> reporter: right after the shootings, police worked quickly to schett up a perimeter -- set up a perimeter, shutting down the exit from i-80. a short time later the suspect who ran off went to a nearby hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. during the incident this were a lot of people in the busy shopping center. some who say they were on their way to the bank when they heard
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gunfire. >> i mean, i'm from richmond. so none of this is out of the ordinary or -- unfortunately. it's sad that, you know, whoever the guy is probably had kids or a family which now they're suffering for a mistake he chose. >> if i would have been there two or three minutes earlier, i probably would have been right in the middle of it. >> reporter: again, one suspect dead, another injured. a police officer injured but expected to be okay. the armored truck security guard underwent surgery this afternoon. we do not have an update on her condition. live for nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. we're still following this breaking news. silicon tech giant steve jobs stepping down, putting in his resignation. our in-depth coverage will continue in a few minutes. coming up next at 5:00, the legacy of steve jobs. also, potentially catastrophic explosion. the risky move firefighters are trying to avoid. disaster in a california town. the four simple keys to
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fighting high cholesterol levels. what you should be adding to your diet. and she's not even a month old but she's already a champion. why this baby is now a vip around the bay area.
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we're continuing to follow the news from apple. the timing this is interesting. the announcement was made after wall street's closing bell. so many people have invested in apple. not just individual investors, institutional investors. it was a good day for apple stock which closed up gaining more than a half a percentage
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point and closing at over $376 per share. then the announcement came, and the price started to tumble dramatically. moments after the steve jobs announcement about his resignation forcing trading of apple stock to be halted for a brief moment after hours. by that time, it was down by more than 5% and was trading at about $20 less per share. let's bring in cnbc's john ford and look at how silicon valley and wall street reacting to the announcement. you've been talking about this endlessly on cnbc for the last 90s. what surprises -- 90 minutes. who surprises you most about how it shook down? >> in a way nothing surprises me about it. we've known for a while that steve jobs had some health issues, that he's been struggling with them for the past several years. we expected either he would hand over the ceo rein s or step bac from the company one way or another. this is the better way when he says heim going to step back --
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says i'm going to step back, remain as chairman, keep being involved as long as i can. but i'm in no position, he's saying, to continue with the ceo title. but still, that doesn't take away the momentous time that this is for the company, for silicon valley. just for american business. there's really no ceo out there who has had the impact in our time that steve jobs has. not only has he rescued apple from the edge of the dust bin, you can't forget about 15 years ago it would be hard to find people who thought that apple would survive, much less be the most valuable public company on the planet. along the way he managed to launch pixar into the history books with its string of hits. sell it to disney, become disney's largest shareholder. for this titan of american business who was once ceo of two major companies at the same time to relinquish the ceo volley a
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big deal. >> he's revolutionized how we communicate and enjoy our lives for many of us. part of his resignation letter to the board of directors, "i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it." that's a bold statement coming from jobs. is that really to maybe quell the -- the interest around the world this terms of the stock? >> well, steve jobs has lived and breathed that idea from the beginning. he had to believe that to come back and have the energy and vision to keep it going forward. for the investors out there who are wondering what this means for the stock, i would just break down a couple of thing. first of all, it's always said don't panic, have a reason for what it is that you're deciding to do one way or the other. the other thing i would point out, the way the market works, what you're paying for is the money that the company's going to make in the future. and if that money grows, if the earnings gr, then the stock price should go up. what's been happening is even though the stock price looks really expensive, just on the dollar amount, based on the
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amount that apple has been growing and that its profit have been growing, a lot of people think it hasn't been really that severely overvalued. plus, remember, they've got more than $80 billion in the bank, more than any other company when you consider that they also have no debt. so this isn't an issue where you should expect the stock price to absolutely go through the floor because there are real sales and real profits backing up the stock price. >> very good. thanks for the insight, john ford from our cnbc desk here in the silicon valley. in other news, there is closure tonight, but no peace for the family of a woman whose murder ten years ago remained unsolved until today. the santa clara district attorney confirmed today that janine harms was murdered by the man who was the prime suspect in this case. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from campbell where harms was last seen alive. we've been following the case for ten years. so many twists and turns. what was the final clue? >> reporter: you know, it comes down today 27 rub fibers that
5:19 pm
were found in maurice nasmus' car. it's analysis of that and evidence including a witness who described seeing somebody who looked like him outside harms' the night she disappeared. all of that in combination, the district attorney says, is enough to say case closed. >> on july 27, 2001, miss janine sanchez harms was murdered. number two, maurice nasmay murdered miss sanchez harms. >> reporter: that was not the first time someone said the two statements, but it was the first time the santa clara county district attorney could say them definitively. after more than ten years of questions over harms' death, the answers came down to 27 fibers found in maurice nasmay's jeep cherokee. 27 fibers from two rugs from harms' home. >> there is no innocent explanation for those 27 fibers being in the back of the jeep cherokee. >> reporter: the district attorney says the case is now
5:20 pm
closed. little comfort to the sanchez-harms family after ten years of no answers of maurice nasmay being taken into custody and cleared and forensics tests that take time, her brother snapped. in january, wayne sanchez shot and killed maurice nasmay, who he believe murdered his sister. he then turned the gun on himself. her father, jess, told me, "for us this is the end. until they find her remains, if they find her remains. what happened happened. we have to live with that." though the case is closed, the police know there are still questions unanswered. >> i firmly believe that someone does in fact know what happened to janine, and i haveorhe fm to please come forward and help the family get the answer that they deserve. >> reporter: now it's important to note that the rug fibers are not new evidence. they were collected years ago, but they've spent the last three years being analyzed at a specialized lab in chicago. in campbell, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. we want to check our forecast now with our chief
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meteorologist, jeff ranieri. >> yes. definitely still hot out there. in fact, my facebook today, susie in morgan hill still coming in with a 95. we did see a little cooling despite a lot of 90s that were showing up here in throughout the bay area. walnut creek, 92. pleasanton, 90. south san jose, 88. numbers going down five to ten degrees today due to this cooling breeze here. and also the fog developing in san francisco right now, 67 degrees. those winds drying out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. that did help still to keep it warm to hot in the east bay. 92 in livermore. look -- san jose at 82, 67 in santa cruz. there's our cooling. also from san francisco down to san mateo, we're starting to see the numbers drop. tonight, most of the fog right up against the coastline, and for thursday, still warm in the east bay. plenty of widespread 80s here. temperatures seasonal, and we are tracking hurricane irene. if you're doing any traveling to the east coast, this is a storm to watch all the way into saturday. we do have some fog out here off the coastline. it's really ragged at this point. we think it's going to build up
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as we head throughout the next 12 hours. that will be moving in for tomorrow at the coastline and peninsula. overall, a lot of mild air here across the bay area. as we look at the fog coming back yet again for tomorrow morning, 80s inland, and throughout friday, it stays seasonal with the morning fog. and then the sun coming back in throughout the afternoon hours and real enjoyable day coming our way. as for tonight, we're looking at 60s here in the south bay. also for the east bay and upper 50s in the north bay. for tomorrow, 84 in los gatos. 88 in concord. 83 in santa rosa. you can always get more on your forecast any time at staying in the u
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choosing the right foods may help lower your cholesterol levels. a diet including soy milk, tofu, nuts, oats, peas and beans lowered ldl cholesterol levels in volunteers, the bad cholesterol. it was lowered more than three
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times than a vegetarian diet. the findings are so positive, many people reo y tidntnscoery the cholesterol-lowering diet as an alternative to statin drugs.
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>> reporter: i'm scott budman at apple's cupertino headquarter which is reeling tonight along with the rest of the tech industry on news that apple ceo steve jobs will abruptly resign his position. he recommends that the chief operating officer, tim cook, take over. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll have the latest on steve jobs stepping down. we'll have reaction from the tech community. that's the latest from here at a very stunned apple campus. again, as steve jobs writes a letter to the board of directors
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announcing his immediate resignation as apple's ceo. >> thank you. scott budman on the story. also scott mcgrew on the story and john ford from our cnn desk. we'll
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